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  • Water Services

    Within Innovative Utilities our main business activities are within the Water Industry. We have proven capabilities and expert experience which cover the following scope of works within the Water Industry. This is supported by an existing resource pool, we can provide an agreed level of service tailored to the individual client needs providing best value solutions.

    Innovative Utilities offers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of managing water utilties including modeling, site investigation, optioneering and feasability, design, planning, installation, rehabilitation and replacement. The range of services provided has been developed in order to meet our client’s varying needs and the regulatory environtment in which they function. With over 20 years experience in the water and gas industries combined with substantial investment in staff training, plant and specialist equipment, we are able to offer unrivalled levels of quality.

    We have enjoyed long term close working with our clients. This is through the commitment, dedication and direct lines of communication from staff in all areas of our business, and our approach to achieving common goals.



    Special Projects

    Network Modeling Large Diameter Water & Sewer Main Renewals
    Site Investigation Large Diameter New Water & Sewer Mains Replacement
    Optioneering and Feasablity Large Diameter Re-routing
    Detailed Design Large Civil Projects / Work


    Mains Rehabilitation

    Desk Top and Field Surveys

    Construction – All Techniques Desktop data analysis and collection
    Including Trenchless Technology
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    PPRA, Pipe Sampling
    Specialist PU Lining (one of only a hand full of UK Accredited Companies)
    Direction Drilling


    General Works                                

    Waste Water Capabilities

    Lead Pipe Renewals Sewer Mains Rehabilitation
    Valve Installation/replacement/repair All no dig Techniques
    Strategic Control Valves All no dig Techniques
    Strategic Control Valves Pipe bursting
    Fire Hydrants Patch Repairs
    All Network Jobbing Shallow Excavation
    Investigation Works


    Leakage Management

    Reinstatement Capabilities

    Leakage Detection and Repair Large Patch Reinstatement
    Detection and Repair (Find & Fix) Small Reinstatement
    Targeting & Performance Monitoring Track Reinstatement
    Pressure Management 24hrs Emergency Reinstatement
    Construction of PRV Installations.
    District Metering
    District Meter Constructions
    Enabling Works
    Strategic Metering
    Bulk Meter Installation